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M. Dean Jenkins has been in the private practice of Criminal Law for over 46 years. He has represented individuals in many aspects in Criminal Law, helping them achieve the best possible results in matters of law. At The Law Offices of M. Dean Jenkins, P.A. we are committed to helping individuals with their Criminal Defense matters.

Traffic Offenses

M. Dean Jenkins has 46 years of experience in defending criminal traffic charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and driving while suspended or revoked. Defense of such allegations requires an intimate knowledge of the Maryland Transportation Code. In additional to defending traffic cases in criminal Court, M. Dean Jenkins has years of experience in representing clients in Administrative hearings where the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is seeking to suspend or revoke the person's driver license or privilege. This includes allegations of refusal to take a breath or blood test, or failing a breath or blood test. Some individuals require a commercial driver license in order to maintain employment and knowledge of the Commercial Driver License Act is critical. Refusal to submit to a blood or breath test, or conviction and even probation before judgment for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in the disqualification of a commercial driver license. Read more about Traffic Offenses here.

Theft and Identity Fraud

Theft and fraud allegations are among the most serious crimes a person can be charged with, or investigated for. A possible conviction on such charges can be life altering because theft is an allegation involving honesty and trust. M. Dean Jenkins has had 46 years of experience in defending serious criminal charges, including theft and fraud and identify fraud. Convictions for theft, fraud and identity fraud can result in lengthy incarceration, and can lead to loss of employment or opportunity for employment. In numerous professions and types of employment, such convictions could result in a loss of the business license necessary to engage in that employment. Read more about Theft and Identity Fraud here.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) is a crime that provides for penalties of incarceration, and if convicted as a second or subsequent offender the maximum amount of incarceration can be increased. In addition, Maryland provides for possible incarceration of up to 60 days for refusal to submit to a breath or blood test in certain circumstances. If a person who is licensed to drive by a State other than Maryland is convicted of driving under the influence in a Maryland Court, the Interstate Compact Agreement provides for the transfer of that conviction to the home licensing State. The result could be the suspension or revocation of the license in the home state of the licensee. Every state has unique laws in this regard. If the Court grants probation before judgment, removing the conviction from the record, there is no conviction to be forwarded to the other State. If the person is a Maryland licensee, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will seek a suspension or revocation if there is a conviction and if probation before judgment is not granted. Read more about Driving Under the Influence here.

Assault and Domestic Violence

Whether representing a person charged with misdemeanor second degree assault or with felony first degree assault, M. Dean Jenkins has 46 years of experience in defending such matters in the State Courts on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Mr. Jenkins has represented clients in over 45 jury trials and in numerous trials before Judges in District Court and Circuit Court in which the charges are assault or reckless endangerment. His representation includes investigations as well as trials. Read more about Assault and Domestic Violence here.

Sex Crimes and Sexual Assault

Allegations of sex crimes and sexual assault are given highest priority by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. Simply being charged with such offense, or being investigated for such allegations, can result in damaged reputation. Such crimes carry possible significant incarceration, and many such crimes in Maryland carry the stigma of being classified as sexual predators and sexual offender and requires public registration. These crimes include charges of child pornography and use of the internet and computers to commit crimes. Read more about Sex Crimes and Sexual Assault here.

Drugs and Narcotics

Whether representing a person charged with possession of drugs or controlled substances, or whether defending a person charged with felonies under the Maryland Criminal Code, M. Dean Jenkins has 46 years of defense of such charges in the Maryland State Courts. This includes over 45 jury trials. These charges can range from simple possession of drugs and controlled dangerous substances, to distributing them or possessing them in sufficient quantity to indicate an intent to sell. These latter type charges are felonies and can carry significant prison sentences. Read more about Drugs and Narcotics here.

Juvenile Court And Youthful Offender Charges

M. Dean Jenkins has represented numerous clients for over 46 years who are juveniles accused of violating the Maryland Criminal and Traffic Laws. Such charges can result in the juvenile being waived to adult court even though the client is still under the age of eighteen. For a juvenile, charges under the traffic laws which carry a possible jail sentence must be charged in the Juvenile Court and not District Court. Nevertheless, findings of guilt in Juvenile Court under the traffic laws carry administrative consequences regarding driver licenses and privileges. Read more about Juvenile Court And Youthful Offender Charges here.

Bail Issues

M. Dean Jenkins has 46 years of experience as a criminal lawyer in such issues as bail, bail hearings and pretrial release. Obtaining release prior to trial can prevent months of incarceration, and pretrial release is critical to having access to your lawyer and witnesses for your defense. Read more about Bail Issues here.

Violation of Probation and Parole

M. Dean Jenkins has represented many clients successfully for issues involving allegations of violation of probation and violation of parole. Years of incarceration are often at stake if probation or parole is revoked. Familiarity with the persons employed by the Parole and Probation Department, as well as the prosecutors and Judges, gives an experienced lawyer the best opportunity to successfully deal with these issues. In many cases, at a hearing on the issue of violation of probation, a well presented defense can result in the probation being continued with no jail or prison time imposed, or the jail time can be greatly reduced. Read more about Violation of Probation and Parole here.

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