Violation of Probation and Parole

M. Dean Jenkins has represented many clients successfully for issues involving allegations of violation of probation and violation of parole. Years of incarceration are often at stake if probation or parole is revoked. Familiarity with the persons employed by the Parole and Probation Department, as well as the prosecutors and Judges, gives an experienced lawyer the best opportunity to successfully deal with these issues. In many cases, at a hearing on the issue of violation of probation, a well presented defense can result in the probation being continued with no jail or prison time imposed, or the jail time can be greatly reduced.

The most important decision you will have to make if facing these charges is the choice of the lawyer to represent you in these very difficult and complex cases.

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If you are accused of a criminal offense, or, if you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, by far the most important decision you will make is the selection of the lawyer to represent you.

- M. Dean Jenkins -